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45695 Cartmell Rd, Chilliwack, British Columbia V2P 8C4, Canada

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Mainlanders SportFishing

•Mainlanders SportFishing
Sturgeon fishing Charters•

Mainlanders SportFishing

•Mainlanders SportFishing
Sturgeon fishing Charters•

Providing World Class Fishing Adventures for Sturgeon and Salmon on the Fraser River in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

Srurgeon fishing charters Chilliwack fishing guide monster Srurgeon record sturgeon
Srurgeon fishing charters Chilliwack fishing guide monster Srurgeon record sturgeon

Providing World Class Fishing Adventures for Sturgeon and Salmon on the Fraser River in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

Srurgeon fishing charters on the Fraser river in Chilliwack giant Srurgeon record best time


The Fraser River is home to North America's largest freshwater game fish - the white sturgeon. Our guides are dialed in, and consistently hooking clients up with these magnificent ancient fish. Sturgeon are explosive fighters often jumping multiple times when you engage with them in a battle causing you to  hang on for dear life. These fish are active feeders; not always scavengers but hunters of live prey. Virtually unchanged for 200 million years, Sturgeon are true living dinosaurs that can reach upwards of 15 feet in length and weigh up to 1800 pounds. An experience every fisherman/fisherwomen needs to cross off their bucket list. Sturgeon fishing really starts to heat up in early spring as the first food sources enter the river. The fishing remains great right until  the end of November.

Custom weld boats Fraser Srurgeon Guide Fraser canyon expert large Srurgeon Professional Fraser canyon hells gate

Our Boats

 Our guide boats are between 20-24 feet in length. all boats Are covered, and heated. All our boats are registered commercially, and maintained regularly for peak performance. We take pride in providing top of the line fishing equipment for our clients. Every boat is equipped with the latest in technology, Humming bird Side image depth finders with GPS. This technology helps us set up in the best locations and see the fish for Optimal  success. We Provide  a large cooler for Food and drinks. Also a small BBQ is available at clients request. Fishing wadders, bait, tackle, fishing rods for any style of fishing, sunscreen, bug spray, camera man. Provided on every charter.      

Salmon fishing charter Fraser River vedder river fishing expert salmon charter Srurgeon slayers


Every year millions of salmon migrate up the Fraser River to their birth streams to complete the salmon life cycle - hatch, migrate, spawn and die.  With this, the Mighty Fraser offers a host of  world class  fishing opportunities. Here you will find chinook, sockeye, pink and coho salmon. Chinook salmon can weigh up to 50 lbs. We offer many different techniques to target salmon here: spey fishing, float fishing, fly fishing, bar fishing and spin fishing. Our salmon season usually starts early August and runs right till the middle of November. We will accommodate any style or skill level when it come to salmon fishing. 

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Mainlanders SportFishing

45695 Cartmell Rd, Chilliwack, British Columbia V2P 8C4 Canada

(604) 701 - 9434


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06:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Booking Information

Giant white Sturgeon Fraser river record Srurgeon fishing charter great river fishing salmon

   At Mainlanders Sportfishing we offer many trip options, four, Six, Eight, and Ten hour adventures, multiple day fishing packages, airport pick up, lunches, dinner, hotel. We host bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, corporate fishing adventures For team building, Sturgeon fishing derby’s. We will arrange every detail of your fishing holiday, and accommodate any event. 


 We have a team of adventure driven guides that want to put you on monster Sturgeon every time. We are a active member of the Fraser valley guides association. Anyone fishing with us will be participating in the tagging/tracking of white sturgeon on the Fraser River, collecting data for the Fraser river sturgeon conservation society. 

  We offer a first class experience in a relaxed environment. Let us be apart of your adventure, we take pride in creating unforgettable fishing experiences for our clients.


 ** Please note - charter dates fill fast. book your adventure well in advance **

50% deposit required upon booking. 30 days notice of date change or cancellation is required. If inadequate notice is given deposit is non-refundable.  

Payment methods include:  

 E-transfer/cash/cheque/credit card

We specialize in targeting large Sturgeon

🦖The Real Life Jurassic Park 🦖


Conservation is our priority


Professional Guide & Owner

 My name is Brandon Wootton, I grew up fishing here in Chilliwack on the Fraser river and it’s many Tributaries, For The last 25 years fishing has been my passion. In 2009 I started my guiding career, Fishing With people from all over the planet. Being apart of the experience and delivering the best adventure is what I live for. I give my clients 110% everyday, and my  results prove that. When I am not guiding I spend my free time with my kids scouting out the River catching bait, looking for The the next best spot, Passing on the knowledge, sharing the passion. I am a proud Contributor To the Fraser River Srurgeon conservation society. Member of the Fraser Valley salmon society. Also the Fraser valley angling guides association, and Fraser River Sportfishing alliance. Conservation, and fish For the future is my priority. 

Fishing License

 Anyone 16 yrs and over will require a freshwater fishing license to angle in British Columbia. Also, a conservation stamp is needed for the species you intended to target. For example - sturgeon, salmon, steelhead. Follow this link to buy a fishing licence: http://www.fishing.gov.bc.ca/ You must have a signed, PRINTOUT copy of your fishing License on you while fishing. Please make sure this is a priority.

Provided on every Charter

•Professional, Licensed, Fishing Guide who Does  minimum 100 charters a season.

•Top of the line fishing equipment.

•Fishing waders to keep you dry.

•Bug spray, Sunscreen, water, cooler.  

•Top of the Line technology, GPS Fish finders to ensure every time your guides anchor is dropped fish are behind the boat. 

•Bait, tackle, heated Covered Jet boat. 

•Photographer, we take pride in capturing those special moments for our clients. 

•A BBQ for client  use, on the boat,or shore. 

For The Kids

At Mainlanders, children under 16 yrs, fish for free. These children must be accompanied by an adult.

Did You Know

 White Sturgeon will grow their whole life, as long as they have access to food. 

 The Fraser River population has access to food Nine months of the year, this is why you will find the largest Sturgeon on the planet here in Chilliwack.  

 Sturgeon are active hunters, they will Stun live Salmon and bait fish by swimming full tilt into them, then sucking them up whole. They do all this by smell and vibration, as their eyes are small and useless in the muddy Fraser River. they also, eat salmon eggs, Eels, rotting salmon, eulachon. 

Lunch Options

•BBQ lunch on the water $30 per Person 

•Packed lunch $25 per Person

•We Provide BBQ NO charge

•Catered Southern BBQ pulled pork or Brisket with Side. $30 per person. (Minimum 20 People for this option)


Creating Memorable Fishing Experiences Is What We Do